Mr. Palmer’s Legacy

Today I had the opportunity to attend the 4th annual Palmer Scholars Stand-up and Cheer Luncheon. This organization and the work that it does are close to my heart as I was a Palmer Scholar, I have been a mentor to other Palmer Scholars and I now have the honor of serving on the organization’s Board of Directors!
As I listened to the message that was shared by our speaker, Eric Boles, the notion of “pouring into others” resonated with me. This message struck me because I had the privilege of knowing Merle Palmer, and I know from experience that he lived each day with this philosophy in mind. Mr. Palmer believed in the power of education to change the trajectory of an individual’s life. He believed in providing scholarship, a mentor and words of encouragement to students who had the desire to pursue their education or training after high school, but not the financial means. I think that he understood that if he invested in these young people they would eventually be in a position to not only take care of them selves and their families but to also give back to their communities.
As I continue to think about how to sum up all of the reasons why I am running for a position on the Tacoma School Board today my answer is because I want to pour into the lives of others. I know that my life would be very different if the countless individuals who supported me had decided instead not to speak to me with kindness, or to ask me how they could help support me on my path. These individuals poured in to me, and I am anxious to contribute what I have learned along my educational and career path the to the effort to ensure that our schools are a place that does the same for our students.
As the month of April wraps up please consider making a donation of $50 or whatever you can to my campaign for students. You can donate online at or you can send a check made out to Andrea Cobb for Tacoma Public Schools to 2522 N. Proctor Box #279 Tacoma, WA 98405.
All the best,