Does your neighborhood vote?

This November we have an opportunity to elect local leaders, including city council members, charter review commissioners, school board members, and parks commissioners. The decisions that these individuals make will have serious impacts on our daily lives.

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The map above shows the voter turnout in the 2013 school district election by precinct. Some areas have traditionally had higher or lower levels of voter turnout than others. It is important to know that every vote counts and we need yours in this election.  Here are a few things you can do to increase voter turnout in your precinct.

  • Talk to your neighbors about voting and the candidates you support
  • Host a primary or general election party with your neighbors
  • Remind people they can register to vote online
    • Register online by July 7th for the August 4th primary election
    • Register online by  October 5th for the November 3rd general election

Find your precinct and get out the vote!


Ballots cast by percentage of voters